Making the Most Use of RV Awnings

If you’re someone who enjoys traveling with your family so much, you might want to consider enhancing your comfort and convenience during your journey by installing RV awnings to your vehicle.

Also, you might not have something to protect you on your destination, so having a shelter to get yourself protected from every harsh environmental element would surely be beneficial.

Travelling on a sunny day without any protection from the heat of the sun is definitely uncomfortable. RV awnings can decrease the temperature in your vehicle by as much as 20 degrees Celsius. It can not only be used for the vehicle, it can also be used in any desired outdoor location for meals and social gatherings; not to mention that you can add them with lights and other decorative elements to enhance feelings of warmth and comfort. When choosing lighting fixtures for RV awnings, make sure that they are made of durable polycarbonate and UL, which is recommended for outdoor use.

RV awnings are usually permanently attached to your vehicle and can be adjusted either manually or automatically by the use of a switch or remote control. There are even more technologically advanced RV awnings that are equipped with an anemometer. An anemometer measures wind speed; and once the wind speed in a particular location exceeds a predetermined value, the awning will retract automatically.

You may also set up a table, set of chairs and other desired accessories. A lot of RV awnings have been especially designed for this use. They are light in weight and therefore easy to transport and store; but durable enough for use in outdoor activities. For this purpose, it would also be best to choose polypropylene mats that are campground-friendly, since they don’t damage the grass on the ground.

It is advisable to buy RV awnings made from acrylic fabric or vinyl material that come in different thickness weights, like 12 oz or 15 oz for instance. The higher the thickness weights, the sturdier the material is. Single piece and single weight fabric material can also be used in two-piece constructions to come up with long-lasting and weather-resistant RV awnings. You also have the option to add a weather-guard wrap that serves to protect the fabric material from any form of damage during the travel.


Tools to Use in Replacing the Fabric Material in RV Awnings

With constant use, RV awnings are definitely vulnerable to damage by extreme weather, including the heat of the sun, the pouring rain, the cold snow and the strong winds. It would then be inevitable that there would eventually be a need to replace the fabric in these RV awnings.

Replacing the fabric in RV awnings is a practical way to maintain their protective capability, instead of having to buy the entire structure again. You will then need to know the 4 tools used in removing the old fabric s well as attaching the new one.

Drill – This tool serves to drill out the excess rivets in your RV awning parts. Recently released RV awning models by awning manufacturers have extra rivets; calling the need for a drill to take them off.

Vise grips – These tools are also important, in that they can be made to extend up to the shaft cap to facilitate clamping the roller assembly in the RV awning parts.

Screws – Screws are used in reattaching the rivets that have been taken off. Screws recommended for this purpose are pointed, self-tapping ones.

Socket wrenches – You will use a socket wrench in removing the attachment plate and roller. These items are attached by a bolt in order replace the RV awning fabric. You will use two socket wrenches for both the head and the nut.

These are the basic tools used in taking off the old RV awning fabric material and reattaching the new one. They are easy to use; but to be sure, you can check the user manual that came with the RV awning, as there may be additional tools needed.

Just follow the instructions carefully and you’ll definitely be able to replace the fabric of your RV awnings quickly and easily. By just doing this, you were able to make your RV awnings look good as brand new without purchasing a new one..